What TLD To Choose for Your Business or Project

Making a website for your business or new online project requires a good domain. Domains come in all sorts and prices. The ending can be critical for SEO and branding. This ending is called a TLD. There are many types of TLDs like generic TLDs and Country TLDs. Today we will be being showing you […]

How to select a power supply for a gaming computer

A gaming computer has a large number of electronic and mechanical components like CPU, graphics card, memory, RAM, SSD, fans which require a reliable electrical power supply. Hence it is important to ensure that an appropriate power supply is selected, which provides enough power to all the components which are used, else the performance of […]

Troubleshooting and fixing keyboard problems

For every computer user, the keyboard is one of the most important parts of the computer since it is an input device. Since the keyboard is used extensively by the computer user, it is more likely to get damaged over a period of time, and malfunction. If the keyboard is malfunctioning, the productivity of the […]

Different types of monitors, displays and problems

Compared to other computer input output devices like keyboards there are major advances in the display technologies which are used with computers in the last decade. Ten years ago, most of the displays used were CRT monitors. These monitors were heavy and required less maintenance. They were replaced by LCD displays which were lighter in […]

The Advantages of a SSD for your next gaming computer

Quick access is one of the most important factors while playing games on a computer, so while building a gaming computer, the speed of data access from the hard drive should be checked. Earlier computers had hard disk drives and the speed of data transfers was limited to approximately 250 Mb/second, so were noticeable delays […]

How to select a motherboard for a gaming computer.

All the components of the gaming computer are fitted on the motherboard, so it is important to ensure that a quality motherboard is purchased. The CPU and other components of a gaming computer are fairly expensive, and if there is any kind of problem with the motherboard, it is difficult to remove these components. Before […]