What is a domain hack?

What is a domain hack? Is my domain going to be hacked? Nooo crazy!! When a domain is called a domain hack, its stating your domain is using words, phrases or names that our combined with domain extensions. Still confused no worries here are some examples;  Liquo.rs, Na.me, Doma.in, etc. 

Is there any value in a domain hack? I would definitely say yes! Now a days its really hard to come up with the money to purchase a premium .com domain such as industrailist.com or name.com etc. Also you find the domain you want is already taken. So a good brandable alternative is a domain hack. 

Should I use a domain hack as my brand? The answer to that question is really up to you, but with my suggestion I say go for it! If your domain you want is taken or someone is asking to sell it for a ridiculous price, go for it! Get your business started and when you have the money or your domain drops grab it! You will not become successful waiting around, get started right away. Here are few successful businesses using domain hacks; (Ta.co, instagr.am, po.st,  Youtu.be, Bit.ly, and About.me)

How do I create a domain hack? The first thing you want to do is find a good work or phrase that you want to call your business. once you have found your brand and the .com is taken I would try and find a domain extension that will replace some of the letters in your brand. It does not have to be a certain domain extension it can be any ccTLD(Country Code) or ngTLD (new gtlds)  extension. Take a look at http://xona.com/domainhacks/ its a good tool to help you combine your word with extensions.

What kind of domain hacks to avoid? Some words and phrases are just to hard to comprehend, such as Laptopcompute.rs The domain is just to long and to complicated for your users to find. Try and stay with one word domain hacks like Doma.in or Liquo.rs. 

Try and remember that .com domain extension is king it will probably always be king. Before deciding on creating a domain hack make sure your .com is available or an alternative brand name .com is available. Domain hacks are fun and look pretty awesome, but getting visitors to go to a domain hack is much more difficult then a .com domain.

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