Investing during Recession and Post-Covid Times


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I kind of am struggling with the finances lately. And I am thinkinf of saving the money as much as possible. And another thing is that times after post covid and the recession are getting a bit difficult. So I wonder where we can look for the sources for investment?

Which banks or share market investment are you checking out?

dan the man

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You should try to schedule weekly or monthly automatic investments at an amount you are comfortable with. By doing so you are dollar cost averaging. If you remain discipline you'll fair well over the long-run with growth and dividend income.


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I've been pumping everything extra into Index Funds. Besides a drop early in the pandemic the market has recovered well. My Index Funds portfolio is still going strong, and has actually increased the the COVID times. It'll take a hit most likely when the post-COVD recession hits, but history shows the market always recovers.