lord saru

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How many wallets do you keep?

I am not a very fashionable person, but I maintain 3 different wallets. Its not for me to change wallets according to the color of my dress bit just my way to ensure that I have money to meet all my purposes.

Imagine finding out that you have some extra cash when one wallet turn empty.


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I've only got the one, I don't really like to bring a lot of cash out of the house. I'll estimate what I'll need + bring an extra €20.
Despite that though, I probably could do with a new one. I carry a good bit of change which makes it a complete nightmare to take notes out.


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I am using 1 wallet that too leather one. And also in past I have tried various different types of the wallets. So I think I have tried and tested a lot of those wallets which can be pretty simple for cash and cards.